More Senior 1 fish!

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Julia Marie



Matthias Fenech

Matthias Ferrito


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“The most beautiful fish” Senior 1A

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We have been having fun making the most beautiful fish out of air dry clay….here is a sample of some of the finished ones…..

Juan Carlos

Jean Paul

Cain Mallia

Maria Pace

Alice Ruta


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Senior 3 New project Design Brief

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Please print this and stick it at the beginning of your project in your journals. 🙂

S3- Portrait Triptych brief

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A little Gem I found….

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Senior 3 Morphing Design Brief

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Here is your new design brief (project, job, assignment!)

Please print it out and put it in your journal and get to work.

Metamorphosis, progressive drawing brief

This is an example of the standard I expect for each of the drawings:


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Senior 2 hats!

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Senior 4 New Design Brief.

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Please PRINT, READ, stick in your journal and be ready to start work!   S4 SOW – Handscapes

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