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Senior 1A Homework

October 24, 2017 3 comments

Hi there Senior 1A,

Your homework this week is to print some good quality pictures of Maltese protected species. Stick them into your sketchbook along with some notes about each one. You have the list of animal species from what we did in class.

Due next lesson. Oct 31


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Senior 1A Art group :)

October 3, 2017 Leave a comment

Hello there 🙂

Today we looked at “OUTLINES” or “Contour lines”. You tried hard to become aware of the journey of information from your eyes to the hand holding the pencil……

Now for homework I would like you to draw a knife, fork and spoon the exact same way! ONLY outline drawings that have been accurately observed……in your sketch book.

This is due in your next art lesson.

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Senior 1 homework :)

November 10, 2016 2 comments


What is Bas Relief?

Write a few notes explaining what it is and print some images for your sketchbook.

Don’t forget to title the page.


When you are done, you should be mega inspired to make one of your own!

This time you can choose the subject for the one you are going to make but that means you will have to do some more research and find good reference pictures to work from…Print them and bring them to class too…

You will need approx 1.5 kilos of air dry clay, your clay tools, a rolling pin and two large zip lock bags.

Have fun planning your idea!

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