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Senior 3 Morphing Design Brief

February 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Here is your new design brief (project, job, assignment!)

Please print it out and put it in your journal and get to work.

Metamorphosis, progressive drawing brief

This is an example of the standard I expect for each of the drawings:


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Senior 3 homework. Due Monday oct 30

October 27, 2017 4 comments

Please construct two viewfinders following these instructions:

Cut two pieces of Kartun tal beneja, 8″x 10″ (available from hardware)

Draw diagonal lines as per the image.

Draw borders of 2″ on one and 1″ on the other

Cut out the resulting rectangles keeping the discarded card in tact for future use

cover with a sheet of Acetate (available at stationers)


Information on Acetate sheets:

Where to find Acetate sheets??? The clear plastic used to photocopy images and text onto for overhead projection. Probably a stationers?

Mosta Stationers: and

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Senior 3 art

November 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Hello there,

Here is the image to be printed out clearly and used to continue your upside down drawing.

Please remember to stick to the rules and methods we have discussed; to draw in any other way defeats the purpose of the exercise which is to train you to draw nameless shapes and forms without naming the items. This develops the visual brain and once mastered will improve your observational drawing immensely.

Senior 3’s that have already done this exercise can either do it again for practice or not 🙂


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Senior 3 Homework

October 20, 2016 Leave a comment






Right, you need to print the two relevant to you on an A3 paper….A4 is ok if that’s all you can get. The first drawing is for Right handed people and the second is for Left handed. Print the one you need.

The second is an image of one of Picasso’s drawings. Please print that ready for your next class.

Senior 3 that have already done this exercise do NOT need to print these unless you wish to as references for your journal.

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