After School Art Materials list

Hello there 🙂

Not all of these materials are needed in one go! A basic set of Jovi paints and some brushes and sketchpad are the bare essentials, oh and an apron!!!

If your child has art already in class, they do not need separate materials for this club….they can use the ones they already have!

scissors 1 Art
Oil pastels 1 Art Box of 12
sharpener 1 Art for pencils
Derwent Sketch Pad 1 Art A3 165 gsm
Maped Colour Pep Felt tip pens 1 Art Pack of 12 or 24
wax crayons 1 Art Jumbo, set of 24
 Apron  1  Apron or old shirt
eraser/rubber 1 Art
glue pva 1 Art 125ml
glue stick 1 Art 40g
Jovi paints 1 Art box of 12 colours
paint brushes 4 Art Taklon round 6,10, Taklon flat 4,10
pencil (2B) 1 Art
pencil (H) 1 Art
pencil (HB) 1 Art
pencil colours 1 Art set of 24
Watercolour box 1 Art set of 12
Air dry clay 1 Art One kilo pack
Permanent Black Marker 1 Art


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